Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Baby!

'Cause why the heck not?! Some people plan their kids so they're spaced out evenly over every couple of years. 

Those people have the luxury of time. So if you can do that- more power to ya! Just for the record, I planned this baby too. I planned for it not to be still inside of me in the sweltering summer heat. 

Fool me once Mother Nature shame on you...fool me twice...Un-uh- this mama's not doing that sh*t again.

This is an actual photo of me from the summer of 2012

(fyi while looking for a graphic to match this section I Googled "hot and pregnant"- not the smartest thing I've done today. I recommend doing this only if you want to feel like crap for having love handles and looking like "most real women" when they're preggers.)

So, my babies will officially be 20 months apart not quite "Irish twins", but close enough that people will think my husband, CJ and I know nothing about birth control. 

Considering I'm a septuagenarian and he's an octogenarian we still look good.
Here's the deal, I'm 75 and he's 82- time is NOT on our side right now. So we figured if we're already in diapers (although I hope Baby Bean #1 will be making strides to being toilet trained before Baby Bean#2 arrives) and we're not sleeping- let me rephrase that- I'm not sleeping through the night- what's one more year of madness, right?!

So wishing a VERY Happy New Year, filled with love, prosperity and laughter to all of my wonderful friends and followers. And let's get on this pregnancy and baby train together again. 

Much Love,


  1. Modern science is amazing, considering your ages. Lol. It IS the time to have another, while diapers are still being purchased for one. Enjoy!!