Monday, July 1, 2013

Wine is OUR Friend- Hence the Creation of MommyJuice Wines

That's right! I said it- Wine is Our Friend. Just ask Hoda and Kathie Lee. I think it's been years since they've gotten through the 4th hour of the Today Show without getting half lit- God love'em.

But there should be no shame in their game. As someone who's never been much of a drinker I have no issue with anyone else "getting their drink on" so long as it's responsible. However, when I do partake I am a devotee to the vino; and I am all about having a nice glass of wine before, during or after dinner. And just for the record I did cut back during my pregnancy because I didn't want my kid coming out looking like a Picasso painting. Thankyouverymuch!

But now that I am a mommy and life as I knew it is no more (i.e. a set schedule, full nights of sleep, clothes without vomit or breast milk on them, going to the bathroom with the door closed or godforbid by myself!) I keep my friends close and a glass of wine closer.
So imagine my delight when I was contacted by a PR rep for Mommy Juice Wines. When they asked me to do a write up about their product I immediately said,"Not without tasting it first!" They promptly sent three fabulous bottles my way. A lovely Red, White and their newest addition "Pool Party Rose."

This is the aftermath of a week of dirty diapers, 3 missed naps and one teething tantrum

I wish I could say the wine lasted all month, but I'd be lying. My husband CJ and polished those suckers off in less than two weeks. I did though get to share my favorite of the three, the Red Wine, with my girlfriend Heather- who hadn't had a glass of wine since before her son was born six months ago. 

You should have seen the look of joy and relaxation that swept over her face. She was beyond grateful and I felt like I'd done my good deed for the week. I immediately went to Facebook to "Like" them.

One of the things I like most about Mommy Juice Wines is their backstory. It literally was made for Mommies by a Mommy.
Busy Mommy Wine Veteran Cheryl Durzy

MommyJuice Wines was founded by Cheryl Durzy, a mom of 2 and 10+ year veteran of the wine industry in Sales and Marketing at Clos LaChance Wines. These wines were inspired by her young children that point to wine glasses everywhere claiming “That’s Mommy’s Juice!” Her vision includes balanced, fruit-forward wines that bring just a bit of peace after the chaos of everyday life as a parent.

Now that MommyJuice Wines has me as a fan I wonder if they'll dig my suggestions for a new motto. Here are some from the top of my head:

*MommyJuice Wines: Because when the laundry's done, dinner's cooked and the kids are in bed you'd better believe you f*&^in' deserve it!  

*MommyJuice Wines: Because sometimes the thought of having another one (kid) is enough to warrant a glass.

*MommyJuice Wines: It's cheaper than therapy

*MommyJuice Wines: Nectar of the gods because I am a goddess (at least in my own house.)

*MommyJuice Wines: A glass a day keeps child protective services away.
*MommyJuice Wines: Because we do more before 9am than the Army...(unless of course you're a mom who's in the Army)

I'm sure you guys have some snappy mottos. I'd LOVE to hear them so feel free to leave one or as many as you can think of in the comment section.

Much Love,
Disclosure: As I said before I was provided with wine from Mommy Juice Wines to write this review. All statements, attempts at humor and opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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