Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Um, That's my Seat!

Nothing is as precious or valuable as real estate in Manhattan- whether you live in New York City or not there's no denying that. However, when thinking of prime real estate most of us tend to think: Park Avenue, Central Park South or West, Gramercy a nutshell almost everything with a "Park" in it and anything that has exposed brick or a gorgeous view of a skyline- any skyline is valuable. The expression- "Location. Location. Location." came from somewhere.
What I'm talking about though is a different kind of real estate- one that's almost as precious as being in prized possession of a Gramercy Park private park key. That's right girls and boys I'm talking about the coveted seat on the New York City Subway basically anytime, but especially during rush hour. Every New Yorker knows it's value- but no one fights harder for it than old people. I have personally witness several octogenarian Asian women who in a heartbeat will not hesitate to trip, push or hip check you to get to a free seat on the subway car. I used to think: HOW RUDE! But at this point and time in my life/pregnancy I get it! I TOTALLY get it. Although I am no where near showing, every time I step foot onto the subway I make a B-line to a seat like my name is Ming Lee.  Because of my constant morning sickness what used be a bit of a jostling ride has now turned into the Six Flags "thrilling ride" Dare Devil Dive- sans the all the excitement, joy and funnel cakes.

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