Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Little One is a Hoot! (Already)

NOT MY ACTUAL SONOGRAM- (some things are private)
So this baby I've got sucking the life out of me- I mean growing inside of me, is already a live wire. We had the very first official ultrasound the other day at which I just completely lost it. Thank God they gave us a photo of the baby because I don't think I could really make him or her out through all of my tears. As soon as I saw my child- this little creature I have been hoping and praying for my entire life - I just couldn't stop sobbing. It was truly a magical experience for a few reasons. For one thing, it made this pregnancy VERY real. ('Cause when you're not showing anything for it except exhaustion and nausea- it still kinda feels like you're fantasizing about it.) The other thing is that it showed me that we are going to have an interesting baby on our hands and I think he/she  (although, I've already decided it is a he) is going to have a killer sense of humor like  Mommy and Daddy. You may be thinking, Karith- how do you know this from just a few minutes of seeing your little baby who's basically the size of a peach right now?! Well, I couldn't see his/her facial expression- obviously. (And by the way don't get me started on that whole 3D/4Dtechnology thing- as that is just creepy- and
 I'll be writing more on that later.) But this kid was hopping around like a Mexican jumping bean. I kept asking the technician if he/she had the hiccups. The technician said, "Nope, Baby's just moving around." (She was obviously a very verbose woman.) We took the movement as a good sign- meaning he's got lots of energy and is healthy. 
But then, while we were watching,  i.e. essentially just staring my child down, we see him/her move his left arm and hand over his face as if to say, "No pictures! No pictures!" - like he was a little celebrity having lunch at Spago and we were the paparazzi waiting for the money shot. Every time I think about it, it cracks me up. I've most definitely got a character on my hands.

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