Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Infamous Name Game: Part I

My husband & I agree on almost everything- which is a pretty amazing thing considering how completely opposite we are on paper. There's a ton to juxtapose, but let's just address our differences physically. CJ is a towering 6'4, fit with long limbs and crazy long fingers & toes. He has deep blue eyes, long brown- sometimes blondish hair and he's got a funny accent- he's Australian so I have to mess with him a little. I mean that's what you have to do when there is nothing physically wrong with your mate- right? You must find something to tease them about. I, on the other hand am a striking 5'4 although people are shocked when they learn the truth about my height- 'cause they always assume I'm taller. I suppose it's because I do carry myself like a 5'6er. I have long jet black hair, onyx eyes and when the census comes around I check the box for Black/African American even though I'm a mutt or Heinz 57- like most Americans. Much to my chagrin I do not have fabulously long limbs, fingers or toes- but don't get me wrong my body is in proportion.
 But I have what I refer to as snausages. 'Cause upon close inspection my digits do kind of look like the doggie treats. Self-deprecating mockery aside I am a decently attractive All-American girl, who's funny accent herself is a mixture of Texan, Mid-west & New Yorker. So what I'm saying is- I don't think looking at us, people would necessarily put us "together". But we are on the same page on most things. Most things except for what we're going to name our first child.

The other day I suggested the name "Harper". The following is VERBATIM the conversation that took place.

Me: "Honey, what about the name Harper?"

CJ: ( I suppose appropriately) "For a boy or a girl?"

Me: "A girl, duh!"

CJ: "Absolutely not!"

Me: "What!? Why? What's wrong with you? That's a great name and there's
nothing wrong with it except that I think Nicole Ritchie named her daughter Harper
a few years ago."

CJ: "Who's Nicole Ritchie?"

Me: "Doesn't matter. Why don't you like the name Harper?"

CJ: "Harper. Harper. Do you know what that means?! Someone who harps. You might as well
name her Nagbag."

Me: Eyeroll visible from across the street.

End of the discussion for the name Harper.


  1. LOL that is great! Good luck! My hubby and I weren't on the same page or even in the same book most times on names. We even went in to have baby not really having names. We named her, Elizabeth Marie, at about 2:30 am when she made her appearance (felt like I was having a boy and totally wrong). The interesting part of the story is he picked her name but it was the name at the top of my list. No one got to know her name until about two days later because he wanted to be ABSOLUTELY positive. Good luck! :-) one of the many joys of pregnancy!

  2. What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing...and for the support. I know we'll get there, but it does seem a long way off at this point. Fortunately we've got a little while.

  3. Our poor son was nameless for a whole week because I refused to have a first name of Ralph. Who cares if he was your most beloved grandpa, I'm not naming my child something I hate. Works great as a middle name now.