Saturday, April 21, 2012

To Find Out the Sex or Not to Find Out- That is the Question!

My husband CJ and I usually agree on most things- although picking names for our future children is another story covered in several other blog entries on here. (Please to refer to any of "The Infamous Name Game" entries.) My DH or darling hubby as they refer to the male spouses on the What to Expect When You're Expecting site most definitely wants to know the sex of our baby. I DO NOT. My argument and I believe it's not only logical, but valid is: Why?! Why must you know now?! What is it going to change? How much you love the baby? I don't think so. AND what about this awesome thing called "the element of surprise"?!
How often in this day & age do we get surprised? And I don't mean walking in on your married boss with his male assistant surprised. I mean really surprised in a GOOD way. I have never in my life had a REALLY fantastic blog worthy surprise. Because of a loose-lipped neighbor I knew about the Chihuahua I was getting for Christmas when I was 7 yrs old. I knew about the sweet sixteen birthday party my mom threw for me at which only one of my real friends was in attendance (although I suppose that counts as a surprise.) I even knew when my husband was going to ask me to marry him (my Spidey senses were tingling and I knew) - I obviously still said yes. But here's the deal, I want- no I NEED a good surprise!!! And dammit I deserve one for once in my life. Okay, okay, okay-  I'll make one concession. I will only find out the sex if it turns out I'm carrying more than one.


  1. I want to know!! Okay, so maybe i'm hoping you have twins just to find out. xo

  2. Hey, its your "I didn't know I was pregnant" follower! Lol the surprise part is fun unless its my kind of surprise haha. My husband is the same way. When we get pregnant, I don't want to know. But he does cause he wants to pick out all the clothes if its a girl....he wants girls...what man willingly wants to be the father of girls? We girls know we weren't the easiest during our teenage yrs lol. But yeah...I wanna go thru the normal pregnancy surprises, not my crazy I'm in an er about to give birth just finding out I'm pregnant surprise.

  3. Let the sex be a surprise. Life gives us so few.

  4. Karith, we are the only two on the planet who can stand to wait! I didn't know for the first and third. Finding out the second was also a boy was like knowing in July what your best Christmas present is, but still having to wait til Christmas to open it. Plus, no picking out girls names, or looking at girls clothes, all the possibilities of your precious bundle are slashed practically in half. Stay strong, Karith!

    1. I will stay strong Ladies! Thank you for your incredible feedback!

  5. We wanted to know because we did not want everything yellow ir some other gender neutral color. Also once we knew we could refer to him by his name since we both agreed on a name early.

  6. I am with you, I think I wouldn't want to know. I have only had one really good surprise in my life, and it was a going away party from my first office (balloons and everything) and it was this amazing moment when someone actually got the better of me and actually surprised me. If I ever have twins, which could be likly, considering family histories, I would probably want to know then.