Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Infamous Name Game: Part Deux

This whole picking out a name for our baby is steadily becoming more complicated for me and my husband. I mean, it's not like we haven't thought or fantasized about what we would name our kids when we were younger. Hell, when I was bored in class that was one of my favorite past times- writing out first and middle names that would sound great together. But that was 7th grade me and I didn't have a husband to consult at the time. Our goal is to find a name that's unique and different but not "made up" or too weird. We'd love a name that's all that and cool AND a name that doesn't remind us of someone from our past that we wished was never born. (Something harder to find the older we get 'cause we've met SO many bloody people by now.) 
I’m keeping my options open for girls names as well, but I’ve pretty much decided yes, this early on in my pregnancy, when my child is barely the size of a lemon, that it’s a boy. So we, CJ and I, need to come up with boy names that we both like. That right there is problemo numero uno. For the life of us we cannot come up with names that we both dig. CJ’s all-time favorite name at this point in time is Diego followed by 

Bentley in a close second. Let me address my issue with Diego first. Number one, it will forever be overshadowed by Dora the Explorer’s leech of a cousin who is riding her coat tails to fame and fortune. My darling husband recognizes this and it irks him to no end, but he actually has a decent reason for liking the name. Back in the day when he would ruminate over having a child of his own and what he would name it. He thought that many people name their kids after their favorite places.  Well, suffice to say one of his favorite places on Earth is San Diego- hence Diego. (FYI- I can’t stand it- the name, not the city.) Let's also not ignore the fact that neither of us are of Mexican or Latino heritage. He's White I'm Black- sure our kid may come out looking Hispanic, but that'll just really confuse people. I prefer something a little more modern like Jax or Jackson. When I tell that to most people they concur. Until I reveal why my husband detests that name. Firstly, he thinks it’s overused. Secondly, my spouse, who’s last name our child will get is Russell.  He believes that no matter how much we stress that our son's name is Jax or Jackson it will inevitably get changed by people who don't give a damn and he will be called Jack. Meaning, yes, we could create our very own real life Jack Russell. (Maybe it’s cruel- but there's part of me that also thinks it’s adorable- sue me). Either way it’s apparently not going to happen under CJ’s watch. Plus, I just found out that it’s one of the top ten most hated names for boys right now. But I don’t feel bad because CJ’s 2nd runner up for a name is on that list too- Bentley. Who names their kid Bentley?

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  1. Bently is one of the babies on Teen moms, so use it at your own risk. Jaxon is pretty popular now, I don't know about hated. You should watch the episode of Pregnant in Heels where the filthy rich parents-to-be hire a professionally conducted focus group (of their friends) and 5 boy and 5 girl names (the couples' favorites). They cringed as they watched what their friends thought of each name, and, surprise! ended up naming it what they wanted in the end, not what came first in the baby name games. So--huge waste of money, not to mention the Agita. Sadly, in the end, the name ends up being whatever neither of you hates. I DO love the baby naming process, tho. it's amazing all the possibilities out there. Enjoy!