Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WARNING- Pregnant Women Should Avoid the Following...

As a pregnant woman, the last thing I want to do is scare anyone. My goal is to give you a giggle and share beneficial information with those who are currently or will soon be in my shoes. I know Ladies and I feel your pain- it seems like there are SO many restrictions and rules regarding things pregnant women should avoid in this day and age to maintain the health and safety of our unborn babies. At the top of that list is smoking and drinking of excessive amounts of alcohol.
Those are just on "Duhs" on the common sense scale. But then there are things that if you weren't told you might not know like avoiding too much caffeine, raw/runny eggs and unpasteurized soft cheeses- the last one was disappointing surprise for me as all I've been craving is brie. (See my blog Food Porn- for more yummy no-no's). 

There are also certain physical activities that pregnant women should avoid. I'd like to think extreme sports like Parkour, kick boxing and super intense aerobic activities, skydiving, bungee jumping etc are obvious DO NOT ATTEMPT while preggers type of activities. Sometimes people need reminder signs like on amusement park rides or Imax movies (no kidding I've seen signs for that!)

But there's one thing no one told me to avoid while pregnant and I don't really have anyone to blame 'cause it just never came up. But if you can, at ALL costs avoid buying a new car while you're with child. As if the stress of having a baby growing inside of you isn't enough- you're now opening yourself up to a whole new world of stress, anxiety and lost sleep. 

It's a nightmare from the comparison shopping that you do on-line first (if you're smart), then in person. Of course you have to do the test drives to see how well you think the car handles and if both you and your 6'4 husband fit well. Does it sound like I'm bitching? Good! 'Cause I am. And don't get me started on the salesmen whose job it is to essentially lie and schmooze you into a car so that they can take home a paycheck. Right now there are now about one hundred other things I'd like my child to grow up to be before a car salesman. At this point I'd say that telemarketer and drummer in a grunge band are higher on the list. I'm completely serious.  

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