Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant....

that's the sign I want to wear around my neck although it would probably be best displayed on my ass. I apparently am one of those "lucky" women who fall into the category of pregnant, but-not-really-looking-like-it. 

This has been confirmed by several sources including CJ, my darling husband, who told me the other day, "You really don't look pregnant just chubby- like you've gained some weight"...quickly followed with, "You're still me." I know he meant well so I didn't get upset. Pick your battles right married people?

The fact of the matter is I do look like I've started up a love affair again with all things carb. But that's only partly true- I still eat my veggies and am making sure to get more protein, but I don't have that cute little bump that I am so envious of in others who are as far along as me. Maybe it's because this is my first and although I haven't been an athlete for years my core and stomach muscles are hanging on for dear life and trying to hold down the fort as long as they can.

I just feel worse when other people acknowledge it. For example the new doctor I went to the other day for my asthma- after she finished listening to my lungs she looked at my chart and said, "It says here that you're pregnant." I nodded yes, to which she replied, "Wow, you don't really look like it." Great so you just think I'm a chunker!

The thing is I'm not sure if this is a compliment or not. I mean I have gained some weight, about 20lbs, but it's spread out evenly and not in my face- and aside from my jeans and few pairs of slacks I still fit into my clothes and they look good. I guess, what I'm saying is that while in NYC I'd fall into the category of "pleasantly plump." In LA "I'm a beached whale." But in the mid-west I'd still be considered anorexic. 

When CJ and I went to tour the local hospital the other night I was totally eyeing all of the other expectant mommies many of whom were further along than me. They were bigger than me of course. But there were a few who were only a couple weeks apart. I was the smallest by far.

I think I wouldn't be having such an issue, but my friends and family are asking for pics of my growing baby bump and all I've got to show right now is baby plump. Sigh! :-( 

Taken 2 weeks ago when I performed at the House of Blues- San Diego,CA

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  1. Sometime in the not so distant future you will be looking at your stomach wondering how it.can stretch that big.and just how it could get any bigger. Be patient my friend, your bump will come! For now, just enjoy how good you feel and the fact that your pants still fit!!

  2. I'm right with you on this one, I wanted a bump too! Would have been nice in my case lol. I lost 20lbs and still had no bump. I always envisioned like the pic above a cute little bump and such but nope, no bump. My mom didn't show till 8months with me since I was her first. Don't worry, you'll get a bump. Though what made me and my mom question if I wasn't maybe just 5months a week before was I got the moon face two weeks before birth. Lol so I know when I'm close to labor now cause mom says that's a family trait. So if my face starts to puff out like jimmy glick, we know I'm preggers and gonna pop!

  3. Don't worry it'll come. Early in my pregnancy I just looked like I had too many donuts especially since I was sitting down. But as time passes it became obvious to everyone. It is amazing how big your tummy can actually get. Oh yeah and forget about shaving ANYWHERE below your stomach cause that's nearly impossible!

  4. I am the same way! I hate that I am not showing. My friends and family try to console me by saying that they can tell BUT that I probably just look chubby to strangers. I found myself today trying to purposely show my belly band so that those around me would be aware that I was pregnant and not just fat. Maybe I am just very neurotic but your diary entry just made me feel immensely better!

    1. I'm so glad I made you feel better and equally glad you're in the same boat so I don't feel so alone. It's crazy, but everyone tells me to just wait- it's coming. I'm sure it is, but it would be nice for it to be a little more obvious now. ;-) Hang in there Girl!