Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Baby Has An Agent!!!

I am serious as heart attack! When I say agent, I mean as in representation for commercial, TV, and print work. Now, depending on where you stand on the whole "kids in entertainment" thing will determine how you feel about this news. I for one am thrilled, but equally floored. Not just because as an entertainer who's been in the Greater Los Angeles area for almost 18 months and I don't have a frapping agent, but in case you didn't pick it up on the concept of this whole blog thing- my child isn't even born yet! As in, not actually here-  on this planet- yes, but not outside of my womb! Is that not some of the craziest schtuff you've ever heard?! My friend Tom Cotter (a riotous comedian who's currently on NBC's America's Got Talent) had the best response when I shared this news on my Facebook page. He said, "Life begins at representation." I thought that was hysterical and apparently for LA it's true. Another friend had and equally funny response when she said, "Wow you must have one gorgeous ultra-sound pic."

My Baby Does Have A Pretty Profile!

I promise you right hear and now that the last thing I will become is one of those crazy, annoying or obnoxious stage mothers. I can already tell you I'll rip my own heart out Indiana Jones style before I let myself resemble one of those awful women on Toddlers and Tiaras or Dance Moms

I vow to do my best to expose my little darling to everything from arts to sports, but I will not force my child to do anything he or she doesn't want to do. 

But how can you tell what a kid wants to do at 15 days old? Uh-huh! That's seriously when my baby could start working if this is something CJ and I decide to pursue. But in good old fashioned Hollywood tradition there are factors that will disqualify my baby from getting gigs. 
For one thing after he or she hits 10lbs- their newborn starlet days are over (Sigh! And since there's no Baby Weigh Watchers we'll just have to be out of the game). I've also been told there's not much work for babies after that until they're about 6 months old. I guess that's when they get "cute" again. Do babies have an awkward period where they're not cute? I mean I know there are cute babies and ugly babies, but I thought that's just how it goes their entire babyhood. I clearly have so much to learn. 

I'll definitely keep you posted on Baby Bean's potential launch into stardom- but this was just so outrageous I had to share.

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