Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Want to Here From You! Re: S#!T You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Since getting such a great response to both my blog entry "S#!T You Should Never Say to Your Pregnant Wife" on this site and my equally arousing and (I'd like to believe) amusing article "S#!T You Should Never Say to Your Pregnant Wife" on the Huffington Post. I've decided to branch out a little more and write a funny book on the topic, but I'll be make it a bit broader to include what people including, but not limited to significant others say to pregnant women- when pleading the Fifth would have been a better bet.

My husband, CJ, who is the love of my life, has had a few loose lipped faux pas moments since my pregnancy began. His latest being when he looked at my boobs which were not in a bra and said, "Wow, you certainly wouldn't pass the pencil test now". (i.e. the test where you place a pencil under your boobs and if it stays you #fail). 

So Instead of killing him and having our child born in prison I decided to channel my wrath into something creative and make a funny collection of my experiences and those of other pregnant women willing to share.

So if you'd like to I'm dying to know what is the dumbest or most thoughtless thing someone has said to you while you were/are pregnant? From your significant other to a family member or even a complete stranger. I know I'm not alone- would love to hear your experiences too.

Feel free to leave your responses here along with you name and where you live unless you'd like to remain anonymous. Or you can e-mail me privately at 

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  1. I am currently 4.5 months pregnant. About a month ago after telling someone I work with that I am pregnant this was their response "Wow, congrats! you with the baby's daddy?" My response - "No, it was a one-night stand that I'm really excited about...yes, I'm with the baby's daddy and have been for 5+ years."

    R.H. Lubbock, Texas

  2. first i want to tell you that i love your blog! you crack me up!!
    i am an american living in italy, married to an italian and i am only 12 weeks pregnant. you can only imagine some of the "things" the italians have to say about pregnancy. here i sonly one of them:
    i was at the fruit and veg market with my mother in law and as we were passing by a stand roasting chickens i told her how all of the smells were making me gag (as i was covering my mouth and nose with my hand). she quickly demanded that i not touch my face when i am having food cravings because it will cause permanent marks on the babys skin. i guess the gagging was no indication that i was NOT craving anything. and this thing about marks?? what the ...??
    s mc • italy

    1. That's great! So glad you're enjoying the blog. I'm having fun writing it. Love Italy btw. Hope to get back there again soon.

  3. I am currently 20 weeks along but have had some serious lower back/hip pain since I was about 16 weeks(my husband finally moved our recliner into the bedroom for me to sleep in b/c I was waking up yelping in pain-NOT FUN). Anyways, the other day while my dads house I am walking down the hall to help my 3 year old out of her swim suite. As I am walking my dad hollers "Try not to's not very flattering on you". Without thinking I raise my hand up and flipped him the bird. Yes, I flipped my 75 year old father off for making fun of me...but he kinda deserved it. When I turned around to look at him though we couldn't stop laughing (we both knew neither of us meant it).

    Crissy H. - College Station, TX