Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Google! Seriously??!!

I am a curious person by nature and we all know the famed expression- "Curiosity killed the cat." Well, I'm not dead nor am I a pussy, but I am disturbed by what I just saw.

The more popular this blog is getting the more curious I am about how my readers are getting to me. BTW HUGE thank you to my new faithful followers- the rest of you please feel free to "Follow this Funny Mommy" up in the top right corner.

Well, Blogger on Google has fabulous tools that let me track where my readers are from i.e. the various countries and the specific search words and tools people are using to get to Diary of a Pregnant Comedian.  All of what I just described is incredibly cool.

What's messed up are some of the ads Google is matching with my blog entries. It should be pretty obvious that this is a humorous blog about pregnancy-- might I add, a planned wanted pregnancy. So ads that correspond to my subject matter are not only appropriate, but welcome. I think it's fantastic when an ad for a gender prediction site is at the bottom of my blog about whether or not CJ and I should find out the sex of "Baby Bean." Or when Terminex Pest control pops up at the end of my blog about feeling remorse for killing a spider; even when there's a "plus sized" clothing as that corresponds to the blog I wrote about not being able to fit into my clothes anymore. I'm good with all of that. 

But ads that are for people who have Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" playing non-stop in their heads probably won't be on here looking for solace. But Goggle Ads don't care. They're honey badgers. I say this because on Google reader has placed several ads throughout my blogs that have shocked me. For example my blog about Pregnancy Bonuses was matched with an ad for abortion costs. WTF? And my humorous Warning blog entry on what women should avoid was match with an advertisement for "unplanned pregnancy help". Obviously if my piece had been about avoiding penises that would be apropos. But instead it's just wrong.

Now I'm dying to see what ads will be match for this entry...I hope you're reading carefully Google people!

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