Thursday, June 14, 2012

Enough With the Freaky Pregnancy Dreams

I've already admitted that being preggers makes you crazy, but add on top of it the whacked out dreams you can have that make you feel just to the right of certifiable. 

At first my dreams didn't seem to bad. I mean it was in a dream that I first knew I was pregnant. Honest to God within 24-48 hours of conception I dreamed I was pregnant. It's like my body totally talked to me. The subsequent dreams that followed have been about the baby, but have more to do with the sex. I've always dream that I'm carrying a boy. I think that's because I've always expected to have a boy.
It's the weird ass dreams since that upset me. After the first sonogram and ultrasound where we could see our Little 
One's perfect little baby shape I had a dream a few days later that the baby's head and body were the same but my child had lobster claws for arms. I was so upset I woke up crying. CJ had to calm me down. He even got the ultrasound pic off the fridge and was like, "Do you see lobster claws here?" I shook my head "No" and whimpered back to sleep. 

In another dream I was breast feeding my new baby- something I plan on doing and have always thought I would do. But when I went to look down in my celestial state of mommy/baby bonding bliss instead of seeing my sweet infant looking up at me. I am eye to eye staring at my Chihuahua! As adorable as she is and as much as I love her I would never breast feed her! I'm not as cool or brave as that woman in Myanmar who breast fed tiger cubs. True story! While I admit it's a noble and again brave feat 90% of my brain is saying, "F- that noise!"

The last freaky dream was just last night. It really messed me up. I still can't shake it off. I think part of it was spurned by people, including a doctor I saw recently, who say to me, "Wow, you really don't look pregnant." But I know I have a baby in here because I see it on the screen and I feel it moving and God knows I've got the heartburn to prove it. But I think somewhere in my subconscious that makes me think something's wrong. 

For some crazy reason last night I dreamed that I gave birth to an exact replica of my Chihuahua. In the dream one of the pediatric nurses says to me, "Oh, Honey don't worry, just yesterday a woman gave birth to two Shih tzus." Like this was a normal occurrence. So I and had to act like I was okay with this puppy being my daughter. My mom had a really tough time with it, but it was her "grandog"/ grandaughter so she was doing her best to cope. I was even swaddling her and changing her diaper like a newborn. So messed up!

I'm trying to recount what if anything I ate last night that would cause such a raucous in my mind. Sadly, I think it's just some stress and my imagination getting the best of me.

If I'm not alone in the crazy dream boat- please feel free to share.


  1. Hey, its your "I Didn't Know I was Preggers" friend. Lol, relax Karith, the weird dreams are normal. I had lots of crazy dreams (actually, that's normal dreaming for me which is why i'm a writer) over the course of my unknown pregnancy. Some I will attribute to being sick but others I know were the baby. Here's my fav.

    In the dream, I'm a princess/queen of a desert type world (think dune only mars red sand) and the guy who knocked me up is racing towards the enemy to allow me to escape. Lots of servants and people everywhere fighting and such. Well, suddenly, a large concusive missile blows nearby. This sends my very pregnant self (eight months for real and in the dream) into the air and I land on my back. I literally felt like i was there. I look up and see a spaceship coming down towards where all this is happening and the only thought in my head is "Fudge...i need to move or my kingdom is lost". I get up and look around, my father the king is screaming at my baby daddy to run but as I'm watching both of them are run through with lightfoils (its like a lightsaber but its in the style of a fencing foil) and crumple to ground. Needless to say, Im screaming and crying in the dream. I did not however scream for real or my parents would've freaked. I woke up crying buckets though.

    My dreams are full cinematic too, so it was like being in the movie, not just the theater. I have tons more of them too. Most get jotted down for later story writing. A few have been written down then burned for sanity reasons. I don't always dream nice.

  2. Lots of crazy dreams going on over here too. I have had a few dreams where I realized that I had left my baby somewhere, but I have no idea where. That I just plain forgot about the baby. I wake up crying. Most of my dreams revolve around me being a bad mom. However no dog baby dreams ... yet!
    has your dog been acting different and/or strange? Because mine is, like she knows something is up.
    s mc • italy

    1. Yes, my puppy TOTALLY knows something is up and she's acting like a little whackadoodle too! We're weening her to sleep in her own bed,but she still sneaks up to cuddle with me at night sometimes. The other night she kept jumping in and out of our bed and being rambunctious. My husband threatened to make her an "outside dog" if she didn't get her act together. Even I was upset with her. They HAVE to know.

  3. All of my crazy pregnant dreams were XXX rated - it was so embarrassing! I did look it up though and seems they were quite normal. The fun never ends =)

    1. OMG Deihdra! I've had some of those too! If fact more frequently. It's crazy.