Friday, June 1, 2012

Am I A Terrible Mother Already?

I'm really hoping the answer is no, but I've already done something that's making me have my doubts. This past Tuesday I was supposed to have my second major ultrasound- the one that my husband CJ has been anticipating for weeks.
Because this is the ultrasound that will reveal (if the baby's legs aren't crossed) what team we're on. Meaning, as the mommy websites put it: Team Pink or Team Blue. I think I've made it clear that I could be quite content being on Team Green and Yellow until the baby makes it's entree into the world. So in lieu of going to the doctor to get this information and make sure everything else was in order with the baby I cancelled the appointment for my career.(Insert stabbing pains of guilt here.)

It was all about logistics. My appointment was supposed to take place in the late afternoon but at the same exact time I had to be nearly 45 minutes away in another part of Los Angeles for two radio interviews and an audition at a prime LA comedy club. I could have done the radio stuff via Skype but it's always so much better in person. I did end up doing the second radio spot via phone because it coincided with the Laugh Factory for the audition. Now, I've already performed at the Laugh Factory in LA several on several occasions; I've even headlined the Long Beach Laugh Factory, but I'm not a "regular" yet at the Hollywood location. So to be "official" Jamie Masada- the owner/manager has to "pass" you. 
Getting "passed" in the stand-up comedy world means you get cleared to work that room for paid spots as well as getting hired to work any of the other venues they have. This has BIG potential- not just for money, but exposure. Same thing with the radio shows- great exposure. In fact you can hear me and CJ during our interview with Jade and Tarsha from The Knu on their show "The Shift" which broadcasts on GBV radio and on my girlfriend Mary Kennedy's show "Oh Mary!" on LA Talk Radio

So it was because I had this cluster of a media blitz that I postponed my appointment for a week. It's not like anything really changed with the baby besides it's gotten bigger right? I've been feeling great- no pain or abnormal symptoms that I needed checked out so no harm no foul...right? So am I a terrible mother or just a dedicated comedian? I'm really hoping it's the latter. I mean it's not like I left my kid in the car while I drunkenly went in to a tattoo parlor at 4 in the morning. Um, sadly yes, that really just happened. I'm pretty sure I definitely trump her!


  1. No, your not a bad parent. You're a busy one! Lol, its not bad parenting. Bad is when as you said, you leave your kid in the car at a tattoo joint at 4am to get a tat. Or a parent who does crack. No, your only sin is being awesome!

    1. You are VERY kind Kiri! Thanks for the love.

  2. Interesting Fact: Pink was traditionally a colour for boys and blue was for girls. Blue was seen as a paler, calmer colour that complimented girls and pink was thought a stronger, bolder colour best suited for boys.

  3. Couldn't you simply reschedule your ultrasound?

  4. It makes sense to me! So what's another week of waiting? We actually knew we were having a girl from the start (IVF) and pretended not to know just so we could keep *something* to ourselves for a bit! I can't wait to read more of your blog - if we can't laugh at all of this, then what's the point!?!?

  5. I of course rescheduled...the appointment is tomorrow! So excited!