Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Olympic Embryo

Well, I suppose Baby Bean is officially a fetus- no longer an empbryo but really, who wants to be "labeled" so soon in life- right?

I don't know if this kid is being influenced via osmosis by my
watching the 30th Summer Olympic games- but Baby Bean is acting like it. The last time CJ and I went for a sonogram  Bean was playing with his/her toes. (Yeah, it was pretty adorable.) But as my husband says, "What else do babies have to do in there- it's not like they can text."

The way this Little One is moving about I could easily have a swimmer, a gymnast, a fencer, boxer or martial artist on my hands. But apparently this kid will only be going for the gold after midnight.

Do they have any nocturnal Olympic competitions yet? If not let my
little athlete be the first to sign up! Baby Bean will DOMINATE!!!

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