Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where Is My Bump, My Bump My Lovely Lady Lump???

Sorry if you’ve got that Fergilicious song in your head now- if it’s any consolation it’s in mine too. What I can't believe is that I'm writing about this so far into my pregnancy. I'm officially 28 weeks and I still don't really "look" pregnant. I know I've written about this before, but that was several weeks ago when in my mind it was still okay to be in “prego-limbo land”. But now when all of the mommy websites I go to talk about my protruding belly and my whacked out belly button I just look in the mirror and sigh.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve gotten bigger- no question, but I don’t have that cute little baby bump. I just look like I really like bread. Or as my darling husband CJ has said, that I‘ve been frequenting the buffet a little too often. (He’s a charmer!)

I suppose the good news is that I’ve not really had to buy “maternity clothes.” Sure, I’ve picked up a few looser fitting things at the GAP outlet- some sleeveless tops and a couple of long skirts and I purchased bras a cup and size bigger. But my clothes from when I was heavier a couple of years ago are fitting perfectly.

It’s just odd now being this far along and still having to TELL people I’m pregnant. In the beginning it was kind of fun and cool, but the novelty has worn off. Now I feel like people are like, “That girl’s just a chubster- who is she kidding?” I suppose I could take it as a compliment. When I tell most people how far along I am their response is usually, “Wow- you don’t look like it.” And that makes the worry wart in me come out and I start thinking “Is my baby too small, what the heck’s going on?!”

So deep breaths, I’m gonna chill and I will just relish this time when I can still wear my seatbelt comfortably.


  1. I'm in the same boat!-only 21 weeks. I guess we should concider ourselves lucky....?

  2. My mom didn't show until her last month with me! People at her work kept telling her she wasn't pregnant and she would go home crying. She didn't have much weight to lose after I was born either because she wasn't showing...don't be down about it...stay positive! :)

  3. Karith, remember, i never showed either. So yeah, you won't have much to lose right afterwards but you could gain the weight once breastfeeding sets in. I lost a ton in the first trimester. Then after I had Lala i gained like 30 lbs! UGH...still trying to lose that weight.