Friday, August 17, 2012

Am I Pushing My Fetus Too Hard?

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I hate copping to this, but I think I might be pushing my unborn baby too hard already. I've definitely got the essentials going to help Baby Bean get ahead in life. I mean what mother doesn't want their little nugget at the head of the "baby class".  

 So while I've had the opportunity  to take advantage of my 3 free months of Sirius/XM in Baby Bean's new car we've been indulging in in the Comedy Channels (of course), the Classical music station and even more NPR than regular! I've also been ready to Baby Bean from the baby and children's books that have started to come in as shower gifts.

I've been taking the recommended supplements both my doctor and midwife suggests from my Raw Prenatal Vitamins to the extra iron to strengthen my blood supply, the calcium magnesium for our bones (and to keep me regular) and Vitamin D- 'cause I'm deficient in that area period. Oh and just to be safe DHA for Baby Bean's brain development. (Forever I was calling it DHL- but my darling husband corrected me when he said with a crinkled face, "Isn't that the delivery service?" 

My faux pas aside and the very reason for this blog entry is because one of the very first purchases CJ and I made when we first found out we were prego was this:

I knowah!  Not a car seat, a crib, a baby blanket or  pack 'n snack (as CJ refers to the Pack n' Play)- but a child ready toilet seat. The kid's not even in diapers let alone ready to come out of them yet! Although if CJ had his way this baby will be toilet trained by 6 months- like the Russians apparently like to do. (See My Child a Future NASCAR Driver?! WTF?!) 

Part of me gets it although part of me thinks it's just wrong- like of like Chuck E. Cheese. Sure, it's your intentions are good- yet the experience could be traumatizing. And let's be honest sometimes things can happen too soon in life- like a giant rat is serving you pizza. Am I wrong?

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