Sunday, August 5, 2012

But I Have A Baby on Board...Sort Of...

The Art of the "Almighty Contradiction" is alive and well People! I will explain what I mean in a second.

As someone who spends a great deal of time in
Southern California- especially the Greater Los Angeles area, I'm not going to lie, one of the best parts about being married or in a relationship here is that you have another person who helps you get from point A to point B a little faster- well at least when you're in the car. That's because much like the standard 2-drink minimum at a comedy club you now meet the 2-person minimum for the HOV lane (or High Occupancy Vehicle lane). My husband, CJ, swears that's why I married him. That and because at 6 feet 4 inches- an entire foot taller than me- he can reach the really high schtuff off of our kitchen shelves.

While those are clearly not the ONLY reasons I married my darling husband I do count them among the bonuses. And I would think being prego would afford me the same kind of bonuses. (I broached that topic a couple of months ago in another entry- Pregnancy Bonuses- Say What?)

Classic example- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I get special "expectant  mother" parking @ BabiesRUs. (It's awesome! It's kind of like handicap parking cause you get to park right there near the front of the store.) 

I, however, believe the same sort of courtesy should be extended to me when it's just me & Baby Bean in the car ALL THE TIME but esp. when I'm on the highway- not wanting to be stuck in s#!tty SoCal traffic.

Here's my incredibly logical reasoning for this. Were you to ask any of my good Fundamentalist God-fearing Christian friends about it and I should have been able to coast in the HOV lane the day after my husband & I "did the deed". 'Cause according to them I've technically got 2 people in the car when it's just little 'ol prego me right now.

But heck at 28 weeks even my  Pro-Choicer friends would have to agree
  there's another living active person in there! So why then does the state of Californ-IA- deny me the right to drive in the HOV lane pregnant?!

Does that not reek of hypocrisy?! Is that not a huge slap in the face
  to all pregos in urban areas? Bad lawmakers! Bad!

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