Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There Are Just Some Things I Don't Want to Know

And some things I do. At the top of that list is who killed JFK-near the bottom, what the sex of my baby is. We have the BIG ultrasound coming up in about a week. It's the one where we can, if we choose to, find out the sex. I am still pretty adamant that I don't want to know. (See To Find out Or Not to Find Out) I'm sticking w/ the same argument which is: how many real true GOOD surprises do we get in life? My friends who have found out the sex of their babies praise me for my patience. Nothing could be further from the truth, y'all. I normally want everything and I want it right now- just like the song. But this is different.
My husband, CJ, is dying to know. He claims he'll be able to tell just by looking at the ultrasound. He's certain of this because he worked in research & development and used to test diesel cell engines where using a sonogram to detect cracks in diesel particular filters was his specialty. Uh-huh, and I suppose looking for a crack in an engine is much like looking for a penis on an embryo. This must be like how his growing up on a farm & helping calves come into the world will be such an asset to my birthing process. (See my Huffington Post article S#!T NEVER to Say to Your Pregnant Wife!)

My argument is this- even if he does find out the sex "on his own" how is he going to keep the secret?! There's no way he's not going to slip up. I'd slip up and I'm a master secret keeper. 
I can hear it already- we'll be in mid-conversation about the baby & he'll say "So, how is he- I mean- she feeling today?" Or on a random trip to Target and I start buying clothes or items that are not associated with the baby's gender I can hear him saying something nonchalantly like, "I wouldn't take those tags off if I were you." Or "I'd hang on to that receipt."

And that'll be great. Just great.


  1. So funny! We we're saying the same thing. I love it when you quote him before he ever says it and it always sounds just like him.

  2. Hah! Thanks Trish- it's funny 'cause it's SO true, right?

  3. MButler in AustinMay 29, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    We chose not to find out with either of our children and it drove our parents and grandparents crazy. They couldn't fathom that if I could find out why wouldn't I? I told them all I wanted was a healthy baby.