Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pregnancy Bonus? Say What?!

I am ALL about the bonus structure. I like bonus gifts when you win something, bonus points on a game, even bonus questions on a test (yes, I am that nerdy). So you know darn well that I like the bonuses that come from carrying the "Little Bean" around in my bel-bel. Yes, there are SO many things to bitch and moan about that come with the pregnancy package, but I'd like to take this blog entry to talk about some of the highlights or, if you will, the "Pregnancy Bonuses."  Now, you may be saying,  "Karith- you're still so early on how do you even know about this? I mean you're not really even showing!"
 Which brings up the excellent question: What do you do when you don't look pregnant? Answer: Helloooo! You tell everyone & their grandmother so you get the "bonuses".  I don't mean go around with a bull horn proclaiming it to the world unless that's your style. 'Course, I suppose you could start a blog about it-I'm not gonna judge. ;-) But  the idea is to obviously share with the people you love first and secondly with the people who can hook you up. Now understand- the latter group of people will most likely consist of complete strangers. But they're the best ones and they usually just feel good doing something nice for a random pregnant woman.

Let's discuss some of these bonuses shall we? One of the best bonuses that we all should acknowledge is that people are WAY more forgiving of you if you have "pregnancy brain" moreso than if you're just a plain space cadet. Trust me, I've done some stupid flighty stuff the past few weeks- i.e keeping an e-mail in draft form then getting mad  because the recipients hadn't responded. (See more @ "Baby Brain Blogettes"). This isn't just an excuse for being daft- something with your hormones and chemicals in your brain causes mini sometimes major "flake-outs"
 Other bonuses include eating out and getting a touch more of what you ask for- OR if you have an odd request  having it granted without people batting an eye. Say for example at Chipotle- the place I would marry if it was legal to marry an establishment (and of course if I wasn't already married)- I just drop that I'm eating for two and gone are any chinsey portions in my burrito bowl of sour cream, salsa or chicken. Same goes for when you ask for a slightly altered dish at a restaurant- especially at a place that doesn't like to stray from it's exact menu or "do substitutions". If you just apologize for the inconvenience and say, "I wouldn't normally ask for this, but this BABY (point at your abdomen then add a belly rub for effect) is giving me the craziest cravings." By law- Nature's Law of "Not Being a D!€k" They cannot say NO. Even the coldest of waiters will oblige you.
One of my favorite bonuses is that you're not allowed to lift heavy things anymore OR reach up high. So my husband now gets to take the wet laundry and hang it on the line. (When we're in CA we're VERY green). 
 AND now I get to ask some cute young guy (if my hubby's absent) on the airplane to help me store and reclaim my luggage from the overhead compartment. So far people have only been so happy to do so.

So ladies who are in the same boat- the message here is EMBRACE YOUR PREGNANCY as this is just the beginning of some REALLY good stuff to come. And people who are dealing with said ladies, BE NICE. I understand you didn't knock us up, but this is a wonderful, but taxing time in our lives so indulging in little bonuses like the ones I mentioned above can make our day and/or ward off a crying fit that can come on for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

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  1. You totally forgot to mention the Australian "Baby Bonus" deal. Now if only the US Government would embrace that system! I guess you forgot to mention it because of your pregnancy or "baby brain"
    Have a safe flight.