Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Infamous Name Game Part III

Somehow I think this is going to be an on going discussion up until the very end and I suppose I'm just going to have to be okay with it. My husband CJ, whom I love dearly and dare I even say in this day and age I REALLY like, does not see eye to eye with me on baby names. Nor I with him. With the exception of 2 or 3 names neither of us care for any suggestions the other has. Case in point, last night as I was heading to bed I threw out the suggestion "Lark" for a girl's name. I guess you could even say I did it on a bit of a lark (yep, pun totally intended), but nothing prepared me for the response I got from the other side of the house. Let's recap that conversation shall we?

Me: Hey Honey?

CJ: Yeah?

Me: What do you think about the name Lark?

CJ: What?!

Me: Lark.

CJ: Absolutely not! Lark is British for a joke. (He's an Aussie so
still very tied to British culture & language.)

Me: Um, okay, but it also means little bird.

CJ: First of all no kid of ours is going to be little. (He's 6'4- so he
has a point there). Secondly, we are not having a bird- we're having a
BABY. And lastly our child is NOT going to be a joke.

Me: (audible to myslef) Well, Mreow!

CJ: What?

Me: Nothing Honey. Okay- I guess Lark is out.

Then I brushed my teeth got in bed and crashed- lamenting the fact that another name I  thought was cool and unique was kabashed! A shame too because the only Lark I know of is Lark Voorhies- aka Lisa Turtle aka the only Black girl from "Saved by the Bell." She's cute, seems smart, successful and put together. 

It seems the only questionable thing she's done was be engaged to comedian Martin Lawrence. That was a WTF moment, but c'mon who hasn't had one of those?

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  1. Hi Karith! I just found your blog from the Huff Post, totally enjoying it, and I thought I'd comment too. When I was prego 2 years ago, my husband and I had a hard time picking out a name too. I really like the "-aiden" names, but then I realized that if I named my son Aiden, Jaden, or Braden, there would be 10 other kids in each of his classes with the same name, so we ultimately decided on Evan. We thought we were so smart...until I read that Evan had jumped to #40 on the most popular baby name list! Oh well. It's too late now. I wonder if he'd mind if we changed it to Schleppingheimer?