Thursday, May 24, 2012

I’m Bugging Out!

Lately I've been feeling like the star of know the TV show based on American Psycho.  

It's because of the private scenarios of mini-deaths that are taking place in my home on an almost daily/nightly basis now that warm weather is upon us and the doors and windows are open. I am metaphorically talking about the war I've waged with insects in my house. Insects that primarily include flies (regular & fruit), gnats, mosquitoes (especially) and an occasional spider whose over stepped his or her bounds. I try to do the "catch & release" thing with spiders because they "get" the bad bugs for me.

That's been ingrained in me for years because my father used to scold me for killing spiders as a child. But when it comes to a Black Widow's life or mine or my family's guess who's spinning their great web in the sky.

For the record I have NEVER been a lover of bugs. In fact when I had to do my bug collection for Mrs. Halstead's 6th grade biology class. I subcontracted the work to my little brother. That's actually my nice way of saying I asked him to do his little brotherly/ little boy duties and he saw a business opportunity and charged me anywhere from a nickel to a quarter per bug.

Twenty-some years later I find myself in a similar predicament- having to take the life of a bug- but not for a grade just my own piece of mind. I now though have more of a conscious about it. I mean is it a life. It probably has a family somewhere possibly offspring. Is that me feeling closer to the God/The Creator/The Universe? Or am I just getting all "motherly"?

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