Friday, May 25, 2012

Mommy Blogs- My Godsend or My Curse?

I thank God for the support I get from groups on the mommy and mommy-to-be websites. What to and Just Mommies, Cafe Mom and Babble of some of my faves to peruse. But I'm finding that they are my blessing and my curse. Meaning it's been a lifesaver having a place to go and read up on folks who are going through EXACTLY what I'm going through at the same exact time- the night sweats, the crazy cravings, the silly spouses etc... That's the upside. The downside is I get to read about conditions, reactions and a few tragedies that I didn't even know existed. Ironically, the tragedies i.e. miscarriages I can make peace with. I serve that up to being a God-thing and an agreement of souls.

It's the completely out of this world "side affects" of pregnancy I'm having some issues with. So if you're someone like me who has even the slightest tendency towards hypochondria your goose is cooked. You should see my eyes bug out when I read what these ladies are sharing about what's happening on the surface of their epidermis like abnormal hair growth in unusual places i.e. on their back  (not me thank goodness). And let's not forget dry patches of skin that make you think you're half reptilian. Oh, and then there's the part of about extra saliva and mucous production. That's delectable.

I'm sure next week I'll be reading about some poor woman who developed leprosy from being prego. It's all enough to make you want to put a sign up quarantining yourself  from the rest of the world. (Like pregnancy was contagious- 'course in my neighborhood in SoCal it might be.)

It's a few months in when the really exciting physical stuff starts happening in pregnancy because your blood vessels are increasing, you've got twice as much water in your system and your sweet little darling and placenta are taking up more room and weight. So make way for things like severe headaches, back aches, sciatica and leg cramps. Ooh let the fun begin. Um, how does that Duggar woman do it again?

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  1. Hey, I've heard some crazy stuff, but you just gotta let it roll over you. I know many heard that your no supposed to take meds during....I took strong ones with Laelia and she turned out fine! :p but yeah, there's some crazy stuff from pregnancy. As a singer, I suffered such severe muccus overload that I couldn't sing well. But I could still do gymnastic bridges! My next one is gonna be fun cause the first caused my pelvis to tilt (family thing) my mom the next will untilt it I hope.