Monday, October 1, 2012

5 AMAZING Things about My Pregnancy...

As my time as a first time pregnant lady is winding down, I've been thinking about how interesting this journey has been for both me and CJ. I'm sure there are WAY more than five things that have been awesome about this experience like how close it's brought me and my husband. 

How my friends and especially my friends who are new moms have rallied around me. 

How my parents are beyond delighted to bring a new line of blood- their first grandchild into the world. 

But the 5 things that were off the top of my head about why this has been such a great pregnancy are more physical.

#1. I really think in the scheme of things that I haven't gained that much weight. About 40/45 lbs total and I lost just about that much a couple of years ago when I did my cleanse of no sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no gluten for 90 days. If I did it before I can do it again, right?

#2. Because I haven't gotten that "BIG" I've only had to buy new bras and a few new tops. I haven't bought one stitch of maternity clothing and I'm 37 weeks pregnant! Remember I also have some of my old "fat clothes" to wear from my pre-cleanse days. So I just wear skirts now- I did size out of my jeans a couple of months ago-we covered that in "It Had to Happen Sooner or Later". But so what that's why God made leggings! Plus it's been so hot in both NYC and still so much in SoCal that I've not needed to don anything more than a sun dress or nice flowing skirt.
These are the Maternity Daisy Dukes I couldn't believe exist!

#3. I've not had the aching back so many women complain about. Sure I had a few days of Baby Bean thinking it was cute to press on a sciatic nerve and that damn near killed me, but at the most I had it for like 72 hours. That's nothing in the scheme of things. This woman at my hypnobirthing class said she's been aching for months. Poor thing!

#4. I haven't had hemorrhoids. I've heard stories about those bad boys and from what I've been told and the research I've done on my own it doesn't sound or look pretty. No sir! I also didn't get the crazy random hair growth in places no woman should be growing hair. I also, fortunately, never had my "inney" turn magically into an "outey" My belly button is as it's always been. Thank goodness.

#5 All of this stuff, even the yucky parts like extreme gas, edema (swelling of my hands and feet), leg cramps, a touch of carpel tunnel, constipation, nausea, crazy-ass heartburn, craving pickles etc...has provided me with challenges that I feel I've overcome gracefully as one can who pees a little each time she sneezes. But I feel like I've earned this baby- does that make sense? Like I paid my dues and the final installment will be when I bring this child into the world in water completely drug free. 
Headlining at Caroline's On Broadway- getting one last BIG show in before Baby Bean arrives

The beauty of all of this is that as a comedian I've got an entire new set- I mean this whole experience has provided me with a ton of new material and a book. And the BEST part about ALL of it is that in the end I'm bringing a beautiful healthy baby into the world. Who already is SO completely loved it's sick.

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