Sunday, October 7, 2012

Compliments and Cool Stuff...

When you're this far along in pregnancy most of us have the potential for feeling heavier and crappier than ever before; so there's nothing like a huge compliment and a surprise of goodies in the mail to make you feel better about life. Which is why this blog is dedicated to two groups of folks who put a smile on my face this past week.

Shout out #1 goes to Trader Joe's whom when my husband, CJ, and I don't get everything we need from the local Farmer's Market here in SoCal we patronize constantly. Among other things, I love them for carrying gluten free mac 'n cheese, pasta and ginger snaps . But I am completely in love with them for hiring Jason who when CJ and I were checking out the other day carded me because my husband had put a bottle of beer in the basket. I was like, "Oh, that's nice- at least you still think I'm under 40." Then Jason replied, "Actually no, we have to card anyone who looks like they could be under 30." I wanted to make out with him right there I was so ecstatic. 

Shout out #2 goes out to PopSugar who essentially made my entire week with their goodie bag i.e. the POPSUGAR MUST HAVE BAG. I was an honored recipient because of my blogging connection with Circle of Moms- (thanks again to all of you who voted for me as a Top 25 Blogger both in NYC and SoCal.) Because of my COM connection, PopSugar who has this really cool subscription thing where once a month you get a box full of the hottest trendiest items ranging from snacks to beauty products to helpful household items sent me their monthly box. So when I came home the other day to mail other than bills I was thrilled to find a box filled with SO many things that I like and can use. The edible stuff didn't last long. The Pretzel Crisps pretzels and Bear Naked Granola were like the movie- "gone in 60 seconds." Y'all know how green I am. I started using the Baggu bag immediately for all my trips to Trader Joe's, but it's so cute and fashionable I can use it to carry essentially anything. I happened to get it in my favorite color- fuscia, but they have many more at

With my TV appearance coming up in just a week I was beyond thrilled to receive Tatcha Blotting Papers - this pregnancy has my "T-zone" going on full force. The other goodies for my face included the ALL-NATURAL Sprout Exfoliator and Cleanser- from my other home of NYC- well, Brooklyn actually- btw they have a GREAT story.
Although I'm not indulging in the wine just yet, I have exactly what I need to celebrate Baby Bean's arrival in style outside by the pool. Because I also received the coolest stemless, and more importantly shatter proof  Govino Wine Glasses.
After a week with gems like these how could a Momma-to-be NOT be happy?!

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