Friday, September 7, 2012

Won't Back Down...

Won't Back Down is not the title of my new comedy album- although it would be a great one, but it is the name of the movie I saw last night before it's official release into theatres on September 28th, 2012. I laughed, I cried- yes y'all, IT WAS better than Cats! Not just because it had an all-star female cast in Academy Award Nominated actresses Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Academy Award Winner Holly Hunter, but it was so incredibly inspirational. 

Won't Back Down was inspired by actual events of two mothers, one of whom is a teacher, whose ultimate goal is to get the best education they can for their children- thus providing them with skills for the very best future they can have. Without giving too much away, because I truly believe you should ALL see this film; these women, against all odds, rally themselves and their community to get through the red tape bureaucratic BS that keeps so many things status quo and they make a difference. A HUGE difference. They take an entire school that is failing and that has unacceptable learning conditions and they buck the system until they have the chance to create the environment of education and culture that every child should be entitled to in this great country of ours.

I make plenty jokes on this blog because a) I'm a comedian and b) my theory on life is: If you can laugh at it you can get through it. But as a mommy-to-be (although, technically I am a mom already- Baby Bean's just not on the outside of me yet) I have incredibly serious moments of reflection. Sure, my kid is still in utero, but already I am thinking about what kind of education I want my child to have. Being bi-coastal is okay for now, but I'm checking out schools on both coasts so that when the time comes Baby Bean has the absolute BEST learning environment and opportunities I can get my hands for her. Without a doubt that is one of the top 3 responsibilities my husband, CJ, and I have to our children as loving parents. 

Any parent worth their weight in gold does the very best they can by providing the best nutrition, living conditions and the best education for their children. And really great parents see when there is a problem and they Won't Back Down until something is done to correct it.

I'll warn you now, this movie will move you, possibly to tears, but hopefully to action. I hope it is not just the "message" that will hit home, but also the reality that many times unless you are the squeaky wheel and the advocate for your child- things will stay the same. It may be a fight; it may be hard work, but aren't our children worth it?! (That is not a rhetorical question by the way.) 

It's much like those anti-terrorism signs they have all over NYC- "If you see something, say something." Same goes for if you child is not getting the treatment or education you feel he or she deserves. And if nothing happens after that then you have to get off your rusty dusty and DO SOMETHING! It may seem daunting at first, but it is possible to make a difference. See for yourself in the inspirational movie Won't Back Down in theatres September 28th, 2012.You can watch the trailer here:

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