Saturday, January 5, 2013

Everyone Should "Do It" In Water

Hello my amazing followers please forgive little hiatus I've taken from this blog. If it's any consolation I've missed you as much as you've hopefully missed me. But I'm back in full force so, let me catch you up to date- but don't get overly excited, it's going to take a few more blogs to do so.

On October 19, 2012  at 9:10 a.m. my life changed forever in the grandest way because I had THE BEST birth I've EVER had!!! Granted it's the ONLY birth I've had, but since I have nothing to compare it to I'm giving it that ranking and two thumbs up. Seriously, on a scale of 1 - 10 it was an 11! But- especially so considering some of the horror stories I've heard.
Exactly 10 weeks and a day ago I gave birth EXACTLY the way I wanted to to a beautiful baby girl even though there were several opposing medical forces at hand that could have made it happen another way. (But that's a story for another time.) 
I did what I said I was going to do, as crazy as some people thought I was, and I had my baby the good old fashioned way. No, I wasn't strapped to a bed, drugged and knocked out and then when I came to had a baby thrust into my arms. Go further back. I mean the REALLY old fashioned way- au natural i.e. with no drugs or pain medication whatsoever. But to make it as comfortable as I could for myself and the baby I did it in water. I mean, when you think about it what better way to come into the world, right?! Water is soothing and relaxing and the kid is already in fluid so what a great transition and welcome to their new world. Plus a bonus I didn't even think about was that the baby comes out completely clean like they used to on TV shows before stuff started gettin' real. Thank you Grey's Anatomy.
My husband, CJ was a trooper and a great birthing partner. He got in the tub with me. Helped me stay calm and utilize the skills we learned in our hypnobirthing class. In fact he was so on the ball he caught our daughter after she came out. Although torpedoed out is more accurate- y'all it was like baby bungee cord jumping. Thank God her umbilical cord was short  because she would have hit the other side of the tub had it not been. CJ caught her on the rebound and handed her to our midwife who made sure all was well. Then she handed her back to me and we started bonding as a family.

We were at the birthing center until about 5 pm and on the way home we stopped at Sprouts to pick up a rotisserie chicken 'cause I sure as hell wasn't cooking that night.

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